US accuses Hushpuppi of laundering funds for North Korean hackers

The Department of Justice of the United States of America has revealed that detained prominent internet influencer, Ramon Olorunwa Abbas, commonly known as Hushpuppi worked with North Korean hackers to launder funds stolen from a Maltese bank.

Flamboyant social media influencer has been mentioned to have taken part in a case that involves North Korean hackers.

The United States said that Abbas was part of a conspiracy in a North Korean cyber-enabled heist on a Maltese bank in February 2019.

According to Forbes, the US is specifically accusing North Koreans, Jon Chang Hyok, 31, Kim Il, 27, and Park Jin Hyok, 36, of being members of the Reconnaissance General Bureau (RGB).

Also, a military intelligence agency of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), described them as being connected to “North Korean military hacking units” known as Lazarus Group and Advanced Persistent Threat 38 (APT38).

Abbas is linked to one specific part of their criminal conspiracy, namely money laundering and the attack on a foreign financial institution.

He is also linked to the North Korean conspiracy this week when federal prosecutors unsealed a charge against Ghaleb Alaumary, 37, of Ontario, Canada.

Alaumary pleaded guilty to charges related to his role as a money launderer for the North Korean group filed in November 2020.

The Department of Justice connected Abbas to the North Korean hackers through Alaumary, who they allege conspired with Ray Hushpuppi, to launder funds from a North Korean-perpetrated cyber-enabled heist from a Maltese bank in February 2019.”

It was reported that the attack, although largely unsuccessful, was of such seriousness in Malta that the country’s Prime Minister Joseph Muscat was forced to address parliament in 2019 over what the Times of Malta described as the creation of false international payments that saw €13 million transferred to banks in four countries.

The amounts were reportedly traced and reversed and none of the bank’s customers lost their money.

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