Surety for detained ex-Ogun governor aide a fraudster, says US court

A court sitting in the Eastern District of New York, United States presided over by Magistrate Ramon Reyes has held that the surety provided by the disgraced and embattled suspended aide of Ogun State governor, Mr. Abidemi Rufai is also a suspected fraudster. 
in a letter addressed to the court by the Federal Burau of Investigation (FBI), the surety, one Nekpen Soyemi who is said to be a nurse in the New York district is also a serial fraudster.

The Acting U.S. Attorney, Tessa Gorma in a letter to the court alleged that Soyemi is also a suspected fraudster and should not be allowed to stand as a surety for Rufai.

Soyemi became a surety for the disgraced former government official after his brother, Alaba Rufai, who is listed in court records could not post the $300,000 surety bond for his elder brother’s bail.

The development has thus delayed the release of Rufai till May 25 by Magistrate Reyes, to give enough time to federal prosecutors to appeal the order.

Gorma also said the FBI is unable to confirm that the Surety owns a real property, as there are no records showing that she has an interest in the property listed in the court document. 
The statement read;  

“First, the FBI has conducted research into the Surety and has learned information indicating that the Surety is not an appropriate person to perform that role. 

“In 2015, the Surety’s bank (Bank of America) issued a report naming the Surety as a suspect in an investigation into an email impersonation scheme.

“According to the bank’s report, a person purporting to be a donor deposited $134,000 into the bank account of a legitimate nonprofit.

The “donor” (who was never identified) then contacted the non-profit and stated that some of the deposited funds were intended for a different recipient.

“The donor asked the non-profit to wire the excess funds to three different accounts, one of which was a Bank of America account in the Surety’s name.

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