Police foil attempted prison break in Bauchi

Personnel of the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) on Friday foiled what is believed to be an attempted jailbreak at Bauchi Correctional Centre.

This was as a result of a riot by inmates of the centre which is a stone throw away from the Bauchi emir’s palace.

Sources told DAILY RIPPLES that the riot occured at 12pm before Friday afternoon Muslim Jummah prayer when the prison wardens fired several gunshots when the riot whose cause is yet to be ascertained as at the time of filing this report.

The gunshots were fired by the guards to scared residents living around the area away from any form of harm and to put the restive inmates to rest.

 According to him, the errant staff was tried by the service adding that the prisoners were aggrieved and protested. 

The protesters he revealed joined forces with other inmates transferred from the southern part of the country who allegedly got information on the recent prison breaks in the south from the same staff.

The Public Relations Officer said the protesters therefore attempted to carry out jail break to free themselves.

“There was a little problem in the Custodian Center today, we were just coming from there with the Command Controller, we have gone to see the situation and I can tell you that everything has been brought back to normal”.

“It was discovered that one of the staff was smuggling prohibited substances into the Center for the inmates, he was caught and tried by the authorities. Some of the inmates who were getting the items felt bad and decided to protest the action of the service.

“Also, we have some inmates from the southern part of the country who were aware of the happenings in Owerri so, they teamed up with those protesting the stop of the supply and attempted to do a jail break,” He uncovered.

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