‘Annie Macaulay stabbed 2baba while asleep,’ brother-in-law alleges

‘Annie, the legal wife of superstar singer, Innocent Idibia, aka 2baba, and her brother-in-law, Charles, were close pals, at least, on Instagram.

But in the past two days, their once cordial relationship has taken the back burner as both parties have engaged in a messy fight on Instagram.

The younger Idibia has continued to call out his sister-in-law over her recent social media outburst.

It was Macaulay who began the episode when she accused her husband of infidelity on Saturday and brought her marital woes to the public arena.

Accusing his brother’s wife of drug addiction, Charles noted that she must have taken the wrong drugs from her ‘dealer’ to have come online to talk in that manner, of her husband.

Charles did not stop there.

He alleged that Macaulay and her mum are engaged in diabolical measures just “to keep being in 2baba’s life”. He even alluded that the singer was dying slowly and also very unhappy.

Meanwhile, Macaulay quickly responded and reminded her younger brother-in-law of his perpetual dependence on 2baba; hence the reason for her husband’s unhappiness.


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